The Salza is one of the few rivers in the world that can be navigated by rafting boat or canoe and also impressive with drinking water quality.

The level of difficulty of the Salza is between Whitewater 1-2 and Whitewater 2-4, depending on the section of the route and the water level. It can be navigated continuously over a distance of approximately 45 kilometers by rafting boat, kayak or canoe.

This offers the unique opportunity to have tours for nature lovers as well as for "action freaks". The origin of the Salza is located in Mariazell and it flows into the river „Enns“ in Großreiffling. The Palfau conglomerate gorge in particular offers a scenically unforgettable and impressive panorama.

The rafting sport has been running on the Salza for 25 years and is still growing in popularity.


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